2008 PSK 31 Flavors Contest



Phase Shifting where no contest has Phase Shifted before!





Saturday, 12 April 2008 from 12:00-18:00 your local time [not Universal Time].

This is a rolling start across the globe that should give opportunity to all who play.





All licensed radio amateurs. Look for 070 Club members in the event.

Learn about this esteemed association on its web page:








To have a contest where participants get to play with PSK variants.


The PSK 31 Flavors Contest is an excellent warm-up for the TARA Skirmish multi-mode contest.





The Contest will have three separate entry categories -


QRP: Maximum power not exceeding 5 watts

Low: Maximum power not exceeding 20 watts

Medium: Maximum power not exceeding 100 watts





Use the following 5 PSK mode variants


       BPSK 31 [Narrow bandwidth]

       QPSK 31 [Narrow bandwidth]

       BPSK 63 [Wide bandwidth]

       QPSK 63 [Wide bandwidth]

       BPSK 125 [Very wide bandwidth]


Note that the permitted mode definitions have been changed since last year.


These mode variants are available in popular software and can be found in the free MultiPSK software package from F6CTE.


See the following website:




Thanks to Patrick, F6CTE, for expanding the PSK universe!





20 Meters only


- normal PSK sub-band for narrow mode variants,


- sub-band 14072.5 -14080 KHz suggested for wide bandwidth mode variants.



Some of the contest mode variants are relatively wide.


Please allow sufficient room between your signals and those of your fellow PSK explorers.

Certainly give plenty of room to civilians in the accepted PSK and RTTY sub-bands.





For 070 Members State/Province/DXCC Entity + 070 member number


For Non-070 Members -- State/Province/DXCC Entity + Name



Suggested Contest Call:


CQ CQ PSK 31 Flavors de Your Call k


It may be useful to call CQ in BPSK 31, indicating which mode variant will follow.

I mean, Im not sure well be able to recognize all those traces yet, will we...


CQ CQ PSK 31 Flavors de Your Call - switching to <Mode Variant> k





Calculate claimed scores as follows --


QSO Points: 1 point per station contacted


Contacts counted once per PSK mode variant


For example, K8IJ contacts N3DQU as follows:

- Once in BPSK 31

- Once in QPSK 63

- Once in BPSK 125

K8IJ and N3DQU can count 3 QSO points for these contacts



Multipliers: 1 multiplier for each State/Province/DXCC Entity in each mode variant.


Count the number of US States, Canadian Provinces and DXCC countries (S/P/Cs) worked in each mode variant.



KH6 and KL7 count both as states and as separate DXCC entities. Be sure to count US and Canada as DXCC entities.


For example, K8IJ makes the following contacts:

- 25 States/Provinces/DXCCs in BPSK 31

- 15 States/Provinces/DXCCs in BPSK 63

- 10 States/Provinces/DXCCs in QPSK 31


K8IJ can count a total of 50 multipliers for these contacts.


Total Score: QSO Points X Multipliers



The wise contester will use as many PSK mode variants as possible!





Submit logs and claimed scores to pskflavors@excite.com


If you encounter any problems with this Email address, you may send your entry to K5PAX@arrl.net


Include in your Email the following information:


-        Station Call

-        Name

-        Mailing Address

-        Email address

-       070 Number (if you are a member)

-       Entry Category

-       Number of QSOs

-       Number of S/P/DXCC multipliers for each mode variant

-       Claimed score


Please include logs as an attachment. Logs should include, for each QSO:


- Date/Time (UT)

- Call

- Mode Variant

- Exchange


Logs may be in any of the following exchangeable formats




Deadline for submission of Logs is: May 12, 2008





Certificates will be awarded to the top scorer in each category. Results will be posted at:




All 070 members participating and submitting logs will receive endorsements.





Any questions, contact:


Harvey, K5PAX PSK Flavormeister at:










PSK 31 Flavors Contest Results